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Hirak: A roundtable on the Algerian protests

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Duration: 0:56:48 | Added: 20 Jun 2019
Roundtable discussion looking at the Algerian protests. With Michael Willis (St Antony’s College), James McDougall (Trinity College), Hicham Yezza (Ceasefire Magazine) and Latefa Guemar (University of East London).

Since late February, millions of Algerians have been taking to the streets of towns and cities across the country in massive, peaceful, weekly demonstrations. President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, whose projected candidacy for a fifth term of office sparked the protests, has resigned. Two former Prime Ministers have been referred to the Supreme Court on corruption charges, several of the country’s most prominent businessmen close to Bouteflika’s circle have been arrested, and the last two chiefs of the internal security services are in jail. New presidential elections that were to be managed by a caretaker government have been cancelled in the face of popular pressure. This round table will be an opportunity to discuss these extraordinary, ongoing events, their origins and possible outcomes.
Speakers: Michael Willis (St Antony’s College), James McDougall (Trinity College), Hicham Yezza (Ceasefire Magazine), Latefa Guemar (University of East London).

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