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Grant de Jersey Lee

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Duration: 1:13:23 | Added: 08 Sep 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews Grant de Jersey Lee, physician and cardiologist, 13 June 2013.

Topics discussed include: (00:01:40) experiences in the Second World War and learning on the job after medical school; (00:03:43) St. Thomas' Hospital to train; (00:06:02) coming to Oxford to work for George Pickering; (00:09:01) comparing Oxford hospitals to St. Thomas' in terms of medicine; (00:12:54) balancing cardiology with general medicine; (00.13:53) Plethysmograph and research interests, non-invasive cardiac surgery; (00:17:53) beginning of the Cardiac Lab in Oxford; (00:22:21) research in microcirculation of the lung and the plethysmograph; (00:25:27) working with Julius Comroe and Arthur DuBois in Philadelphia on microcirculation; (00:28:32) applying learnings from Philadelphia and making technical equipment back in Oxford; (00:34:27) on-take medicine; (00:35:27) John Ledingham and his firm; (00:37:04) the yield of the plethysmograph; (00:48:48) colleagues, including Bheeshma Rajagopalan; (00:41:25) evolution of medical duties and opening of the John Radcliffe; relationships between general practitioners and the hospital; (00:45:29) changes to the training of nurses; (00:59:10) reflecting on time and changes at John Radcliffe and the NHS and medicine in general (01:05:02) views about committees; (01:06:52) administration, communication and information in medicine. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:10:24-00:10:35; 00:20:37-00:21:46; 00:40:07-00:40:25; 00:50:26-59:09.

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