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Episode 1: How should we talk about South Asian and African(a) philosophies? inspiration with Dr. Adamson and Dr. Jeffers

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Duration: 0:59:10 | Added: 20 Oct 2021
Join Mansfield College History student Srutokirti Basak in a discussion with podcast hosts and writers of the comprehensive and trailblazing History of Indian and African(a) Philosophy podcast series Dr Peter Adamson and Dr Chike Jeffers.

These scholars dive into different ways to approach and talk about Indian and African(a) philosophies within the broader scope of cross-cultural philosophy. They help us consider the roots and creativity behind the terms we use and narrative we encounter when talking about different global philosophies. They equip us to being our inquiry together. Without consensus or 'perfect' scopes our terms of choice -just like philosophy - can at least begin to provoke reflection and shift our frames of reference when reflecting upon our received traditions. We can begin to do this important work together.

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