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Dr Rebecca Moore

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Duration: 1:05:29 | Added: 02 Nov 2022
Georgina Ferry interviews Rebecca Moore, former Postdoctoral Researcher and Laboratory Manager, 9 March 2022.

Topics discussed include (00:01:03) RM's early interest in science and studies in biological sciences, microbiology and virology at Warwick University, work at Imperial College with HIV and blood processing for viral load, Wellcome Trust Funded PhD on adenoviral vector development for gene therapy, work in the U.S.A. undertaking post-doctoral studies on HIV, work at Oxford with Quentin Sattentau; (00:05:43) interest in laboratory work, including HIV vaccine design, work with students and teaching; (00:07:45) Containment Level III Laboratories and safety measures for working with live viruses; (00:11:22) RM's first memory of COVID-19 in early 2020, meetings with William James, Nicole Zitzmann and Maeva Dupont; (00:15:25) setting up the COVID-19 Containment Facility in the Category III Laboratory, meeting with Tracey Mustoe (University Biological Safety Officer) relating to risk assessment for working with SARS-CoV-2, code of practice and protocols for growth and titration, work with strains of live virus from England and Victoria, Australia and safety precautions required; (00:22:00) extra staffing required, process of titration, infection of vero cells with live virus, training provided to colleagues within the department (Michael [Knight], Marko Noerenberg, Michelle Hill) to carry out this process; (00:25:44) working both on-site and off-site, including home-schooling and laboratory work; (00:30:24) funding and various projects undertaken within the Containment Laboratory; (00:37:39) easing of restrictions, acquisition of PPE; (00:39:16) research on COVID-19 spike protein, nanoparticles; (00:43:14) inactivation of the virus; (00:44:44) changing workload and monthly counselling; (00:45:54) new role at SpyBiotech; (00:51:44) threat from COVID-19; (00:53:25) personal well-being; (00:54:50) department safety regime; (00:59:44) changes for the future in the way research is undertaken, acknowledgement of individuals who facilitate the research output; (01:02:20) collaborative nature of the COVID Containment Facility.

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