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Dr Ane Ogbe

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Duration: 1:19:46 | Added: 05 Jul 2023
Georgina Ferry interviews Ane Ogbe, former Senior Immunologist (Frater Lab) and Group Leader (Evox Therapeutics), 23 Febrauary 2023.

Topics discussed include (00:00:48) early interest in science, studies in biomedical sciences, master's in molecular medicine with cancer research at Brunel University; (00:07:13) main arms of the immune system, difference between T cells and B cells; (00:12:57) move to Oxford working at the Nuffield Department of Medicine Research Building, pivot toward working on HIV; (00:19:04) move to Professor John Frater's laboratory, continued work on HIV; (00:24:47) first awareness of COVID-19; (00:28:45) understanding the immunology of COVID-19, including characterisation of immune response in healthcare worker cohort; (00:36:32) characterisation of vaccine immune responses, comparison of mRNA and adenoviral vectored vaccines; (00:37:49) sub-study relating to HIV vaccines, management of COVID-19 in HIV-infected people; (00:40:50) involvement in sample collection; (00:42:29) first paper on T cells in early 2020, research on cross-reactive responses; (00:48:20) collaboration during the pandemic; (00:50:55) leaving Oxford; (00:54:36) mentorship programme with the British Society for Immunology (BSI); (00:56:23) new opportunities, including in the biotechnology industry; (01:04:34) personal threat from COVID-19; (01:08:12) changes to working hours during the pandemic; (01:10:22) wellbeing support; (01:15:00) changes in approach to work as a result of the pandemic. Note: the following sections of audio are redacted (00:04:35) to (00:06:22); (00:12:18) to (00:12:45); (00:13:15) to (00:13:20); (00:21:01) to (00:21:13); (00:21:37) to (00:22:06); (00:23:11) to (00:23:33).

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