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Donald Lane

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Duration: 1:05:23 | Added: 06 Sep 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews consultant chest physician Donald Lane, 31 Oct 2013.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:12) coming to Oxford; (00:04:20) Honor Smith; (00:07:37) Christchurch College; (00:09:02) clinical years at St. Barts. Hospital, London; (00:12:43) working in surgery, medicine and Accident and Emergency at Redhill Hospital; (00:14:54) returning to Oxford for post-registration house job; (00:16:45) senior house job in Manchester; (00:18:16) Douglas Black; (00:20:16) research Dphil; (00:24:29) returning to Oxford, registrar position; (00:26:27) Paul Beeson; (00:30:14) combining general medicine with respiratory medicine at the Chest Unit and Churchill Hospital; (00:35:10) changes at the Chest Unit in Lane's time; (00:38:22) work on asthma, importance of The Asthma Society; (00:45:40) stopping general medicine in 1980; (00:48:23) university work during consultancy; (00:50:46) national commitments; (00:51:54) role of Oxford education in medical career; (00:53:07) evolution of treatment of Cystic Fibrosis; (00:58:37) legacy of the Oxford hospital orchestra; (01:01:34) comparing standards of care between Oxford, Redhill and St. Barts.; (01:04:15) case presentations.

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