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Derek Jewell

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Duration: 1:31:01 | Added: 06 Sep 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews Derek Jewell, Emeritus Professor of Gastroenterology, 14 Feb 2013.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:00) coming to Pembroke College, Oxford, time as an undergraduate, including memories of Percy O'Brien; (00:02:27) year of studying animal physiology; (00:05:47) Oxford for clinical years; (00:07:40) entrance procedure to Oxford Medical School; (00:12:40) clinical years; (00:15:27) interest in the blood laboratories during senior house surgeon job; iron, vitamin b12 and Dphil in gastroenterology area; (00:18:46) John Badenoch and Sidney Truelove; (00:19:52) house jobs; (00:21:25) Oxford hospitals compared to Hammersmith Hospital; (00:23:36) Paul Beeson; (00:25:46) more on DPhil research; (00:28:09) senior registrar role, Radcliffe Travelling Fellowship to Stanford; (00:34:03) experience of working with inpatients; (00:37:37) work at the Royal Free Hospital, returning to Oxford; (00:40:46) Sidney Truelove, Oxford school and inflammatory bowel disease, editing the textbook of gastroenterology; (00:50:56) advances in gastroenterology; (00:54:58) interaction between gastroenterologists and surgeons; (00:58:54) pathogenesis of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease; (01:02:36) changes in treatment of Chrohn's disease; (01:07:57) Oxford compared to other places in relation to inflammatory bowel disease; 01:11.40 miniature sabbatical trips; 01:12:46 stopping general medicine; (01:17:57) National Health Service trajectory since the 1970s; (01:23:12) final thoughts. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:45:05-00:45:19; 01:25:56-01:26:07; 01:26:28-01:26:39.

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