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Derek Hockaday

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Duration: 1:32:36 | Added: 23 Aug 2021
Peggy Frith interviews Derek Hockaday, 24 Sep 2020

Topics discussed include: (00:00:22) context of interviewing Derek Hockaday, thoughts on the recollecting oxford medicine interviews in general; (00:01:40) getting into medicine, first contact with the Radcliffe Infirmary as a patient in 1946, school days; (00:03:46) time at Brasenose college, Oxford in 1947; (00:05:30) George Gordon and increasing terms tutored in physiology; (00:06:55) research in physiology; (00:07:55) being drawn to clinical medicine; (00:08:42) BSc research work; (00:11:10) clinical training in the Middlesex Hospital; (00:13:31) anecdotes about clinical student visits; (00:15:15) medical finals; (00:16:10) Wheatley Military Hospital; (00:17:59) discussing Hugh Cairns and Cairns hospital for head injuries; (00:19:48) George Pickering, Ian Bush and chemical investigations into psychiatric patients; (00:24:00) angiography patients at Wheatley, angiography pre scanning; (00:26:59) George Pickering; (00:28:22) Cambridge pre-clinical students coming to train clinically at Oxford; (00:29:38) year in Boston, Massachusetts endocrine unit at the Mass. General Hospital; (00:35:20) returning from America to Oxford, becoming a consultant; (00:39:37) the Oxford Diabetic Clinic, introduction of dialysis to Oxford; (00:43:24) wards and firms looking after patients; (00:44:13) hutted wards; (00:45:06) teaching and lecturing of clinical students; (00:45:50) medical tutor 1980 at Brasenose; (00:48:09) training diabetologists including George Alberti; (00:51:13) Sheffield speciality in Renal medicine, influence of Ranjan Yajnik on diabetic medicine in India; (00:52:57) figures involved in Oxford research in diabetes; (00:54:43) diabetic coma treatments research trials; (01.01:33) contact bedside testing; (01.02:33) inception of, and effect of Sheikh Rashid Diabetes Unit, Oxford; (01:10:16) the fifth principle of physiology; (01:11:10) randomised trial on diabetic treatments and Richard Doll; (01:12:10) side effect of alcohol flushing; (01:15:04) medical administration; (01.23:25) sport; (01:28:14) final thoughts including clinical appointment times, praising nursing profession and first ward round as consultant. Note the following sections are redacted: 00:33:21-00:33:43; 00:40:35-00:41:54; 001:12:47-01:12:56.

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