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David Warrell

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Duration: 1:42:02 | Added: 27 Sep 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews David Warrell, honorary consultant physician and Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine, 24 March 2014.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:13) admissions procedure to Oxford Medical School; (00:03:00) thoughts on first two years of BM and Christ Church college; (00:04:58) Peter Matthews as tutor; (00:06:45) learning anatomy; (00:10:11) academic interests; (00:11:08) clinical training at St Thomas' Hospital; (00:16:16) the London hospital circuit, returning to Oxford and initial role as consultant physician with responsibility for admissions; (00:26:05) role in South East Asia, 1978; (00:30:23) reasons for being drawn to Thailand; (00:34:33) time in Thailand, relationship with Thailand doctors and research trails and publications; (00:43:47) role of wife, Mary Warrell, in Thailand; (00:49:46) visit to China with Nick White; (00:52:14) research after first paper (dexamethasone,1982); (00:57:23) snake bite work; (01:02:11) reasons for return to Oxford after Thailand, becoming Professor of Tropical Medicine and expansion of the Centre for Tropical Medicine; (01:09:04) comparing Oxford to London Hammersmith, on-take ward rounds; (01:14:30) effect of AIDS on the infectious diseases world; (01:19:54) Wellcome trust backing and support; (01:23:26) inception of snake bite work; (01:25:30) Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Athsma clinic in Nigeria; (01:32:06) disappointments; (01:36:10) Path and Bac course; (01:38:51) changes in NHS, administrators and protocols. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:13:45-00:14:30 and 01:00:09-01:02:10.

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