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Classics Course II: Of Course It's For You

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Duration: 0:22:11 | Added: 10 Apr 2013
Tim Whitmarsh gives a talk for the Classics Open Day held on 16th March 2013 about doing a Classics degree at Oxford.

Classics is the most diverse, wide-ranging humanities subject in existence. Delving deep into the past, Oxford classicists study the literature, painting, sculpture, history, archaeology and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome ... and that's just in their first year. At the heart of the subject is the learning of ancient languages, which are the key to unlocking this wonderful world. Classics Course II students are taught Latin or Greek from scratch by some of the best instructors the world has to offer. Within a year you'll be reading texts in the original, and seeing the world as some of the greatest intellects who ever lived did.

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