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Christopher Paine

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Duration: 1:10:48 | Added: 14 Sep 2021
Peggy Frith interviews Sir Christopher Paine, consultant clinical oncologist and former Director of Clinical Studies, 25 Jul 2012.

Topics discussed include: (00:01:30) time in Oxford as Director of Clinical studies; (00:04:17) first stepping into the role as DCS, number of student admissions; (00:08:57) Alastair Lang, reorganising clinical work around role; (00.12:40) colleagues in the medical school office; (00.13:48) balancing university, academic and pastoral duties in the medical school; (00:16:15) Peter Morris; (00:18:44) students electives, student questionnaire; (00:23:01) helpful colleagues with the medical curriculum during the role, Tim Till; (00:25:46) committee work; (00:27:59) leaving Director of Clinical Studies, role as district NHS General Manager; (00:36:13) change of medical school, and life in general, due to electronic communication and computers; importance of diplomatic skills in medicine; (00:38:59) continuing clinical practice and keeping up medicine whilst undertaking other roles; (00:43:09) Frank Ellis, development of radiotherapy; (00:58:02) Manny Lee and his caricatures; (01:02:27) summary of career, activities after resigning from Oxford consultant post; (01:06:13) changes in the NHS. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:00:00-00:00:05; 00:14:23-00:15:13; 00:16:57-00:17:50; 00:18:05-00:18:43; 00:30:13-00:31:19; 00:33:19-00:34:50 and 00:56:15-00:56:58.

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