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Chris Winearls (part 1)

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Duration: 1:19:57 | Added: 16 Sep 2020
Derek Hockaday interviews Chris Winearls, consultant nephrologist and associate professor of medicine, 4 March 2015.

Part 1 of interview. Topics discussed include: (00:00:00) coming to England from South Africa; (00:04:20) DPhil in transplantation; (00:12:26) reflections on medical school and students (00:13:43) nursing in Oxford compared to Cape town; (00:15:01) experiences with senior registrar Bob Simpson; (00:21:20) registrar role in 1979; (00:24:50) work at the Hammersmith hospital and erythropoietin, working with Mary Cotes; (00:30:45) comparing Hammersmith and Oxford upon return to Oxford in 1988; (00:34:51) returning to the kidney unit at Oxford; (00:37:41) balancing clinical and research duties; (00:41:55) transplantation changing the clinical scene; (00:45:10) connection between erythropoietin and oxygen sensing work; (00:47:33) working at Churchill rather than the John Radcliffe; (00:50:17) importance of pathology to renal work; (01:01:43) conferences and media work; (01:04:29) textbooks and editing; (01:08:13) acting as senior principal examiner in medicine and restructuring exams; (01:10:09) work with biochemists; (01:17:07) reflections on medical career.

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