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Chris Redman

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Duration: 1:13:21 | Added: 14 Sep 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews Chris Redman, obstetric consultant and clinical professor, 13 November 2016.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:18) BA at Cambridge and clinical studies at Oxford Medical school; (00:02:54) John Ledingham and Alec Cook; (00:04:37) clinical years and pathology; (00:05:46) service internship in the United States; (00:09:20) house jobs; (00:10:22) neonatal experience in Jessop Hospital, Sheffield; (00:12:17) accepting lectureship in general medicine at Oxford; (00:15:13) thesis on management of hypertension; (00:19:57) John Bonnar and reorganisation of department of obstretics, data collection, (00:20:49) developing technique to manage severe pre-eclampsia; (00:24:42) return to thesis; (00:27:36) NHS job leading to consultant job; (00:29:46) working with obstetricians and research midwives; (00:31:11) full time academic position in obstetric medicine; (00:33:48) maternal deaths; (00:37:04) Anne Anderson and menopause clinic; (00:39:38) original trial and publication; (00:41:02) development of approach to pre-eclampsia, medical help within the obstetric service; (00:44:39) lecturing nationally and internationally in the early 1980s, Marshall Lindheimer; (00:46:09) work in later part of career including 1991 paper on pre-eclampsia being a placental condition, pioneering contribution to factors connecting clinical features of pre-eclampsia; (00:54:38) leaving clinical work; (00:56:45) the NHS; (00:57:25) university work since retirement, work with Ian Sargeant including on trophoblast microvesicles; (01:04:37) teaching of medical students; (01:08:40) final thoughts including changing attitude to research throughout career and NHS compared with health care in other countries, nursing and midwives. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:12:00-00:12:15; 00:16:43-00:16:48; 00:19:02-00:19:34; 00:25:16-00:25:21; 00:38:10-00:38:35 and 00:58:55-00:58:59.

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