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Chaucer 1 - An Introduction to the life and times of Geoffrey Chaucer

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Duration: 0:25:04 | Added: 08 Feb 2024
In the introductory episode of "Chaucer for Beginners,” expert Professor Marion Turner introduces the life of writer Geoffrey Chaucer, shedding light on his background and life in 14th century England.

In the first episode of this compelling podcast series, "Chaucer for Beginners,” listeners are treated to an insightful conversation with Professor Marion Turner, shedding light on the intricacies of life in the 14th century. The episode offers a vivid exploration of the impact of the plague on society, painting a detailed picture of the bustling trading city of London, the very backdrop where Geoffrey Chaucer lived, worked and honed his craft. Professor Turner delves into Chaucer's formative years, unravelling details about his upbringing, education, and early military service. The narrative unfolds to encompass Chaucer's later endeavours as a diplomat and businessman, recounting his extensive travels across Europe.

Listeners are immersed in the intellectual world of Chaucer as Professor Turner discusses the classical literature and poetry that influenced the prolific writer. The podcast delves into Chaucer's exposure to works in Latin, French, and Italian, providing a rich context for understanding the layers of his literary inspiration. The episode culminates in a thoughtful discussion on how students can embark on the study of Chaucer, offering guidance on approaching translations of his works and navigating the historical and societal context that shaped his writing.

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