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# Episode Title Description People Date
279 What Gazans Think Before and After October 7th Professor Amaney A. Jamal discusses findings from surveys in Gaza and the West Bank, as the 46th Annual George Antonius Memorial Lecture. Amaney A. Jamal, Eugene Rogan 26 Jun 2024
278 The Loneliest Revolution: A Memoir of Solidarity and Struggle in Iran Ali Mirsepassi in conversation with Stephanie Cronin about his new book Ali Mirsepassi, Stephanie Cronin 06 Jun 2024
277 The Damascus Events Book Launch, Oxford Book Launch for "The Damascus Events: the 1860 Massacre and the Destruction of the Old Ottoman World" By Eugene Rogan, Published in hardback by Allen Lane, 2 May 2024. Eugene Rogan 17 May 2024
276 Reflections on Tunisian Women's Continued Fight for Respect, Dignity and Rights: Focus on Women in the Labour Movement MEC Women's Rights Research Seminar delivered by Dr Heba El-Shazli (George Mason University) Chaired by Dr Maryam Alemzadeh (St Antony's College) Heba El-Shazli, Maryam Alemzadeh 14 May 2024
275 Creative Commons The United Nations and the Question of Palestine Professor Ardi Imseis new book explores the UN’s management of the longest-running problem on its agenda, critically assessing tensions between the Organisation’s position and international law. Ardi Imseis, Eugene Rogan 07 May 2024
274 Webs of oppression’ in everyday organizing in Palestine: An Intersectional Feminist Analysis This talk delves into the multifaceted challenges Palestinian women activists face, revealing how intersecting oppressions within a settler-colonized society shape their organizing efforts and experiences, challenging singular analyses of patriarchy. Amal W Nazzal, Maryam Alemzadeh 07 Mar 2024
273 The Gender Effect in Intra-Party Meritocracy (with Rabia Kutlu) This lecture explores how parliamentary activity affects the candidacy list placements of MPs in closed-list PR systems, particularly focusing on the interaction between gender and candidacy list decisions. Rabia Kutlu, Tugba Bozcaga, Maryam Alemzadeh 07 Mar 2024
272 Is a Binational State Possible After 7 October? In this podcast, Oxford Emeritus Professor Avi Shlaim compares notes with Exeter University Professor Ilan Pappé on the prospects for a binational state in the aftermath of the events of 7 October and the Gaza War. Ilan Pappe, Avi Shlaim 28 Feb 2024
271 Panel Discussion: Recognizing Palestinian Statehood: European views A discussion of European initiatives to recognize the State of Palestine to advance the prospects for a two-state solution. Alon Liel, Haizam Amirah-Fernández, Chris Doyle 19 Feb 2024
270 Creative Commons Genocide and Accountability in Gaza: The Limits and Potential of International Law Prof Noura Erakat explores the significance of South Africa's application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip before the International Court of Justice, and the Court's decision to hear the case. Noura Erakat 14 Feb 2024
269 Creative Commons The Settler Movement, Political Impasses, and Beyond Dr Hagar Kotef from SOAS examines the current situation of Israeli settlers both in the West Bank and in the Cabinet to assess the impact of the settler movement in political options following the Gaza War. Hagar Kotef, Raihan Ismail 12 Feb 2024
268 Considering the Political Options in Gaza After Three Months of War In the opening meeting of the Middle East Centre’s Hilary Term seminar series, the Fellows of the Centre led a panel discussion to set out the agenda for the series examining the political options following the Gaza War. Eugene Rogan, Walter Armbrust, Maryam Alemzadeh, Raihan Ismail 05 Feb 2024
267 Israeli Public Opinion and Political Options after 7 October Professor Yuli Tamir considers Israeli public opinion following the 7 October 2023 attack and the constraints that public opinion imposes on the political options moving forward. Yuli Tamir, Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab 30 Jan 2024
266 Modern Arab Kingship - Remaking the Ottoman Political Order in the Interwar Middle East Adam Mestyan argues that post-Ottoman Arab political orders were not, as many historians believe, products of European colonialism but of the process of "recycling empire." Adam Mestyan, Eugene Rogan 25 Jan 2024
265 Stories to Connect: The Reza Hosseini Memorial Lecture Series on the past and present of the Middle East Join Professor Ghassan Salamé for his Lecture on 'Lessons from 2003 Iraq: Twenty Years Later.' Ghassan Salamé, Eugene Rogan 23 Jan 2024
264 Reconsidering the 60s generation in the Arab world and beyond Professor Yoav di Capua offers a comprehensive empirical, theoretical, and methodological reassessment of the Arab 60s as a global pursuit with lessons that transcend the geography of the Middle East - the fruit of a decade of research on Arab thought. Yoav di Capua, Eugene Rogan 23 Jan 2024
263 Creative Commons What have the Arab Uprisings done to "Contemporary Arab Thought"? Professor Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab offers some reflections on the challenges that a post-2011 Arab critique might be facing. Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab, Eugene Rogan 23 Jan 2024
262 Creative Commons Zionism and the Jews of Iraq: A Personal Perspective Professor Avi Shlaim gives the George Antonius Memorial Lecture 2023, examining the Jewish exodus from Iraq in the aftermath of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, and arguing the Zionist movement played an active part in the uprooting of Iraqi Jews. Avi Shlaim, Eugene Rogan 19 Sep 2023
261 Book Launch - Russia and the GCC 'The Case of Tatarstan's Paradiplomacy' Dr. Diana Galeeva introduces her book which examines the relations between the Gulf States and Russia from the Soviet era to the present day. Diana Galeeva, Roy Allison, Eugene Rogan 07 Sep 2023
260 Memorial in honour of Derek Hopwood OBE and Celia Kerslake The Director and Fellows of the Middle East Centre, St Antony’s College convened a memorial in honour of Derek Hopwood OBE, Emeritus Fellow in Middle Eastern Studies (1933-2020) and Celia Kerslake, Emeritus Fellow in Turkish (1946-2023). Eugene Rogan, Roger Goodman, Gina Rowland, Rosie MacGregor 22 Aug 2023
259 Creative Commons Women’s Movements and Citizenship in the Middle East Women's Rights Research Seminar where guest speaker, Dr Roel Meijer (Guest Lecturer in Islam Studies, Radboud Universiteit) presents on Women’s movements and citizenship in the Middle East. Roel Meijer, Maryam Alemzadeh, Marilyn Booth 09 Aug 2023
258 Creative Commons The Conflict in Syria, A Personal Story Dr Haytham Alhamwi draws on his personal experiences to explain the story of the conflict in Syria. Haytham Alhamwi 09 Aug 2023
257 Creative Commons Israel's Covert Diplomacy in the Middle East This lecture explores Israel’s secret relations with its neighbors during the years 1948-2022. Elie Podeh, Eugene Rogan 03 Aug 2023
256 Creative Commons 'The Transformation of Iraq since the 2003 Invasion: From "The Dodgy Dossier", to Human Security, Gender, and the Nation's Future in the Face of Climate Change' This lecture examines the resilience of the Iraqi state and nation before and after the 2003 invasion. Ibrahim al-Marashi, Walter Armbrust 02 Aug 2023
255 Creative Commons Iraq 2018-2019: The Rule of Law: a perspective The Rt Hon Sir Peter Gross (Formerly, Lead Judge for International Relations) shares his insight into the Judicial and Rule of Law developments in Iraq. Peter Gross, Michael Willis 27 Jul 2023
254 Creative Commons Cheaters Dilemma: Iraq, WMD and the path to the 2003 war Why did Iraq fail to prove its WMD absence before the 2003 invasion? This seminar examines new evidence from Iraq and United Nations sources to shed light on the internal debates leading up to the 2003 war. Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer, Neil Ketchley 11 Jul 2023
253 The Popular Mobilisation Units and their Pursuit of Power and Legitimacy within the Iraqi State This talk examines the Shi‘ite political parties linked to Iraq's Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) and their influence over the state, exploring their strategies for legitimacy in politics, religion, and society. Inna Rudolf, Maryam Alemzadeh 11 Jul 2023
252 Creative Commons Book Launch: Locked Out of Development: Insiders and Outsiders in Arab Capitalism Dr Hertog presents the key arguments of his new short monograph “Locked Out of Development: Insiders and Outsiders in Arab Capitalism” published by Cambridge University Press. Steffen Hertog, Neil Ketchley 23 Mar 2023
251 Anat Scolnicov: The Israel Supreme Court Religion and the Relationship of State and Religion in Israel On judicial independence in Israel Anat Scolnicov 23 Mar 2023
250 Amos Morris-Rich: The Fusion of Zionism and Science: The First Two Decades—And the Present Day? On Zionism's relation to Science Amos Morris-Reich 23 Mar 2023
249 Creative Commons Clerics in the time of Tishreen The evolution of religion-civil society relations in post-2003 Iraq. Marsin Alshamary, Maryam Alemzadeh 03 Mar 2023
248 Creative Commons The International Thought of Turkish Islamists: History, Civilization and Nation Katerina Dalacoura will presents her research project entitled ‘The International Thought of Turkish Islamists’, funded by a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship. Katerina Dalacoura, Michael Willis 22 Feb 2023
247 Creative Commons The struggle for Salafism in Egypt’s post-revolutionary period A Middle East Centre Seminar on Salafism. Stéphane Lacroix, Thomas Hegghammer 21 Feb 2023
246 Creative Commons Resurrecting the Caliphate: The Creed of Abraham and ISIS’s Hermeneutics of Power A talk with a focus on the contemporary militant group referred to by the acronym ISIS (or ISIL) and its views on the “caliphate.” Asma Afsaruddin, Eugene Rogan 21 Feb 2023
245 Creative Commons Algeria: Politics and Society from the Dark Decade to the Hirak Dr Michael Willis' new book offers an explanation of this unexpected development known as the Hirak Movement, examining the political and social changes that have occurred in Algeria since the ‘dark decade’ of the 1990s Michael Willis, Eugene Rogan 10 Feb 2023
244 Jihad, Radicalism, and the New Atheism Professor Mohammad Khalil scrutinises the claim by New Atheists like Richard Dawkins that Islam is a fundamentally violent religion Mohammad Khalil, Eugene Rogan 07 Feb 2023
243 Friendship Associate Professor Nuha al-Sha’ar speaking on ‘Friendship in Islamic Ethical Political Thought: Foundations and Modern Implications’ // Associate Professor SherAli Tareen speaking on ‘Debating Hindu-Muslim Friendship After Empire’ Faisal Devji, Nuha al-Sha’ar, SherAli Tareen 20 Jan 2023
242 Creative Commons Michael Willis on Recent Developments in the Maghreb Michael Willis joins Almanac to discuss his new book, Algeria: Politics and Society from the Dark Decade to the Hirak, recent developments in Tunisia and Morocco, and why studying the area “West of Cairo” is of critical importance to Middle East Studies. Matthew Smith, Michael Willis 17 Jan 2023
241 Creative Commons The Left Fadi Bardawil speaking on ‘Nation, Class, Community: Milestones on the path of the 1960s Lebanese New Left’. Nadia Bou Ali  speaking on ‘Is the Heart for the East and Reason for the West? Mehdi Amel’s Critique of Edward Said’. Fadi Bardawil, Nadia Bou Ali, Faisal Devji 16 Jan 2023
240 Creative Commons Book Launch: Pacted Democracy in the Middle East: Tunisia and Egypt in Comparative Perspective A new theoretical framework for how democracy can emerge in the Middle East and wider Muslim world, where political conflicts over religion often predominate. Hicham Alaoui, Michael Willis 23 Dec 2022
239 Creative Commons Centres, Peripheries and New Histories of the Left in Iran How historians can gain new insights from global history, and how historians and histories of Iran can contribute Rasmus Elling, Stephanie Cronin 23 Dec 2022
238 Creative Commons Dissent Valerie Hoffman speaking on Charges of Radicalism: Ibāḍī–Wahhābī Polemics and Articulations of Identity. Valerie Hoffman, Faisal Devji, Usaama al-Azami 23 Dec 2022
237 Creative Commons Inside Qatar: Hidden Stories from One of the Richest Nations on Earth A talk based on John McManus’s book, Inside Qatar: hidden stories from one of the richest nations on earth. John McManus, Eugene Rogan 06 Dec 2022
236 Creative Commons In the Shade of the Sunna: Salafi Piety in the 20th-Century Middle East Aaron Rock-Singer presents their latest book "In the Shade of the Sunna: Salafi Piety in the 20th-Century Middle East". Aaron Rock-Singer, Usaama al-Azami 06 Dec 2022
235 Creative Commons Neta Schramm - Zionist Neutral? The Sardonic Zionism of Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Ovadia Yosef Neta Schramm discusses the (non-ideological) "think Zionism" stances of two leading Israeli figures. Neta Schramm 05 Dec 2022
234 Creative Commons Maya Mark: Menachem Begin’s stand on the imposition of the Military Government, 1948- 1966 Maya Mark discusses Menachem Begin's commitment to Liberalism Maya Mark 30 Nov 2022
233 Creative Commons All Necessary Measures? The United Nations and International Intervention in Libya Ian Martin presents his latest book on Libya: All Necessary Measures? The United Nations and International Intervention in Libya. Ian Martin 29 Nov 2022
232 Creative Commons The Making of the Modern Middle East A vivid and authoritative account of the making of the modern Middle East, from the BBC’s long-serving correspondent in the region. Jeremy Bowen, Eugene Rogan 23 Nov 2022
231 Creative Commons Hillel Cohen: Haters, Love Story: on the relations between Mizrahi Jews and Palestinian Arab’ Hillel Cohen discusses his new book on Mizrahim, Arabs, and Asheknazim in Israel Hillel Cohen 21 Nov 2022
230 Creative Commons Nemir Kirdar Memorial Event Memorial event for the late Mr Nemir Amin Kirdar (1936-2020). Roger Goodman, Margaret MacMillan, Eugene Rogan, Serra Kirdar 15 Nov 2022
229 Creative Commons Suzanne Schneider - The Divine People? Mapping the political-theological coordinates of post-liberalism On the political theology of "illiberal democracy" Suzanne Schneider 10 Nov 2022
228 Gabriel Schwake - Dwelling on the Green Line: Privatize and Rule in Israel/Palestine Gabriel Schwake discusses his new book dealing with urban planning along the green line. Gabriel Schwake 03 Nov 2022
227 Tilde Rosmer - The Islamic Movement in Israel Tilde Rosmer (Zayed University) discusses the history and politics of the Islamic Movement in Israel. Tilde Rosmer 19 Oct 2022
226 Creative Commons Albert Hourani’s Impact 2022 is the 60th anniversary of the publication of Albert Hourani’s magnum opus Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age, 1798-1939. Matthew Smith, Charles Ough, Paul Dresch, Eugene Rogan 17 Oct 2022
225 Creative Commons Religion II Professor Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (Northwestern University) speaking on 'Decolonizing the category of religion' and Dr Rushain Abbasi (Stanford University) speaking on 'Regulating Religion in Premodern Islamic Governance'. Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Faisal Devji, Usaama al-Azami 15 Jul 2022
224 Gideon Katz - The Fear of Judaism in Israeli Culture Gideon Katz discusses some of the mure surprising aspect of Israeli secularism Gideon Katz 27 May 2022
223 Women's Rights Research Seminar: Threatened motherhood in the Israeli welfare state: The discourse and the practice behind the disqualification of disadvantaged women's motherhood Prof. Esther Hertzog gives a talk on the vulnerable situation of motherhood in the Israeli welfare state. Esther Hertzog, Soraya Tremayne 19 May 2022
222 Nitzan Lebovic: Is Zionism a “Left-Wing Melancholy”? Nitzan Levobic discusses Zionism and melancholy, through the woks of Israel Zarchi Nitzan Levobic 18 May 2022
221 Tony Shaw and Giora Goodman - Hollywood and Israel: A History The authors of a recently published book dealing with the history of Hollywood's relation with Israel discuss some of their findings Tony Shaw, Giora Goodman 12 May 2022
220 Law Professor Mohammad Fadel speaking on ‘The Protean Sovereign of Sunni Law’ and Professor Lena Salaymeh speaking on ‘Reconsidering the Political in Premodern Islam.' Mohammad Fadel, Lena Salaymeh 28 Apr 2022
219 Developments in Jordan An explanation and discussion of the modern history and recent political developments in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Piotr Schulkes, Guy Fiennes, Matthew Smith 20 Apr 2022
218 Violence Nesrine Badawi speaking on ‘Debating Militancy in the Modern World’ and Murad Idris speaking on ‘Theorizing Colonialism, Capitalism, and Violence in an Islamist Key.' Nesrine Badawi, Murad Idris, Faisal Devji, Usaama al-Azami 08 Apr 2022
217 Creative Commons Yemen’s Enduring Crisis Helen Lackner speaks about Yemen’s enduring crisis. Helen Lackner, Michael Willis 29 Mar 2022
216 Creative Commons The Global Merchants: The Enterprise and Extravagance of the Sassoon Dynasty Professor Joseph Sassoon in conversation with Dr Michael Willis about his recent book, The Global Merchants: The Enterprise and Extravagance of the Sassoon Dynasty (Allen Lane, Penguin Group, 2022). Emeritus Professor Avi Shlaim joins them. Joseph Sassoon, Michael Willis, Avi Shlaim, Eugene Rogan 24 Mar 2022
215 Creative Commons All Jihad Is Local: the Micro-Politics of Militant Islamism in 1980s Lebanon and Beyond Dr Raphaël Lefèvre in conversation with Dr Neil Ketchley about his recent book, 'Jihad in the City: Militant Islamism and Contentious Politics in Tripoli' (Cambridge University Press, 2021). Raphael Lefevre, Neil Ketchley 16 Mar 2022
214 Sovereignty Neguin Yavari speaking on ‘Islamic imperatives and Islamic rulers’, Samy Ayoub speaking on ‘Law and the Exercise of Power: Debates on Political Legitimacy and Authority in the 19th - 20th centuries Egypt’. Neguin Yavari, Samy Ayoub, Faisal Devji, Usaama al-Azami 02 Mar 2022
213 The Career and Communities of Zaynab Fawwaz: Feminist Thinking in Fin-de-siècle Egypt Marilyn Booth speaking on her new book. Marilyn Booth 02 Mar 2022
212 Creative Commons Religion Madawi al-Rasheed speaking on ‘Islamic Reform in Saudi Arabia between “the Violence of the Minority and the Apathy of the Majority”. Pascal Menoret speaking on ‘Graveyard of Clerics’. Madawi al-Rasheed, Pascal Menoret, Faisal Devji, Usaama al-Azami 02 Mar 2022
211 Creative Commons Caliphate Elizabeth Alexandrin speaking on ‘Empire of the End Time: Fāṭimid Sovereignties in the 4th Century AH/11th Century CE’. Hüseyin Yilmaz speaking on ‘The Ottomans and the Question of the Caliphate'. Elizabeth Alexandrin, Hüseyin Yilmaz, Faisal Devji, Usaama al-Azami 01 Mar 2022
210 Creative Commons The Fate of Colonial Elites in Post-Colonial Regimes: Evidence from the 1952 Egyptian Revolution Dr Neil Ketchley in conversation with Professor Walter Armbrust about his current research. Neil Ketchley, Walter Armbrust 03 Feb 2022
209 Islam and the Arab Revolutions – the Ulama between Democracy and Autocracy Join us as we listen to Dr Usaama al-Azami (Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford) in conversation about his new book, 'Islam and the Arab Revolutions, the Ulama between Democracy and Autocracy'. Usaama al-Azami, Michael Willis 31 Jan 2022
208 2022 New Year’s Episode The entire Almanac team gets together to discuss what they believe was the most important event in the region over the past year, something they are watching for in the region in 2022, and their favorite book on the Middle East. Piotr Schulkes, Guy Fiennes, Isabella Cibelli Du Terroil, Oliver Franks 17 Jan 2022
207 Graffiti, music, and football ultras: expressing dissent in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Piotr Schulkes, Adam Abdallah, and Kalyani Nedungadi discuss non-official ways in expressing dissent, comparing Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, and Palestine. Kalyani Nedungadi, Piotr Schulkes, Adam Abdalla 17 Dec 2021
206 Creative Commons What does political ecology tell us about the environmental crises in the Middle East? This is a recording of a live webinar held on Friday 3rd December 2021 for the Middle East Centre Christian Henderson, Walter Armbrust 08 Dec 2021
205 Creative Commons Afghanistan and the Middle East This is a recording of a live webinar held on Thursday 25th November 2021 for the Middle East centre. Ibrahim al-Marashi, Michael Willis, Kate Clark 06 Dec 2021
204 Creative Commons Failing Flows: The Politics of Water Management in Southern Iraq This is a recording of a live webinar held on Friday 19th November 2021 for the MEC. Michael Willis, Michael Mason 01 Dec 2021
203 Creative Commons Air Pollution, Toxicity, and Environmental Politics in the History of Iranian Oil Nationalisation This is a recording of a live webinar held on Friday 12th November 2021 for the MEC. Dr Mattin Biglari (SOAS, University of London) presents “Air Pollution, Toxicity, and Environmental Politics in the History of Iranian Oil Nationalisation”. Stephanie Cronin, Mattin Biglari 01 Dec 2021
202 Haggai Ram - The Social Life of Hashish in Mandatory Palestine and Israel: A Global History Haggai Ram charts the (modern) history of Hashish in the Holy Land Haggai Ram 01 Dec 2021
201 The Tunisian Political Crisis; the end of Democracy? On 25 July 2021 Tunisian President Kais Saied dismissed the government and suspended parliament, subsequently employing the army and security forces around government buildings to thwart any opposition to his power grab. Youssef Cherif, Anne Wolf, Michael Willis 25 Nov 2021
200 Environment Discounted: Energy and Economic Diversification Plans in the Gulf Oil price volatility and accelerated energy transitions away from hydrocarbons to meet climate change mitigation measures have presented existential threats to the economies of hydrocarbon-dependent welfare states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Manal Shehabi, Walter Armbrust, Michael Willis 22 Nov 2021
199 Amnon Aran - Israeli foreign policy since the end of the Cold War Amnon Aran maps the development of Israeli foreign policy since the end of the Cold War Amnon Aran 18 Nov 2021
198 Michael Karayanni - Religion and State among the Palestinian-Arabs in Israel: A Multicultural Entrapment Michael Karayanni considers how the Israeli construction of religion and politics shapes the live Palestinian-Arabs in the state. Michael Karayanni 18 Nov 2021
197 The Blue-Clad Fennec: Authoritarian Environmentalism in Tunisia, and its afterlives This is a recording of a live webinar held on 29th October 2021 for the MEC Friday Seminar Michaelmas Term 2021 series on the overall theme of The Environment and The Middle East. jamie furniss, Walter Armbrust 17 Nov 2021
196 The Politics of Water Scarcity in the Case of Jordan Dr Hussam Hussein investigates the construction of the discourse of water scarcity in Jordan, and the political economy of the water sector. Hussam Hussein, Neil Ketchley, Michael Willis 11 Nov 2021
195 Roundtable: The Environment and the Middle East MEC Friday Webinar. This is a recording of a live webinar held on 15th October 2021 for the first episode of the MEC Friday Seminar Michaelmas Term 2021 series on the overall theme of The Environment and The Middle East. Michael J. Willis, Walter Armbrust, Laurent Mignon, Usaama al-Azami 04 Nov 2021
194 Creative Commons Eldad Ben Aharon - Supporting Denial: Israel’s Foreign Policy and the Armenian Genocide Eldad Ben-Aharon charts the history of Israel's refusal to recognise the Armenian Genocide. Eldad Ben-Aharon 03 Nov 2021
193 Creative Commons Kathrin Bachleitner - A road towards atonement? Why only West Germany came to “atone” for the Nazi crimes. Kathrin Bachleitner remaps the road that led to Germany's "atonement" for the Holocaust Kathrin Bachleitner 27 Oct 2021
192 Togo Mizrahi and the Making of Egyptian Cinema Join us for Booktalk Episode 9, Professor Deborah Starr (Cornell University) in conversation about her new book, Togo Mizrahi and the Making of Egyptian Cinema, published by California Press. Deborah Starr, Walter Armbrust 21 Oct 2021
191 Creative Commons Atalia Omer - Pathways toward a Jewish Israeli Restorative Ethics Atalia Omer discusses restorative justice practices and the possibilities (and limits) of Jewish critiques of Zionism. Atalia Omer, Yaacov Yadgar 20 Oct 2021
190 Independence and Colonialism in the Western Sahara Piotr Schulkes, Helna Murphy, Hajar Meddah, and Felix Walker discuss the recent development in the Western Sahara, caused by America’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the territory. Piotr Schulkes, Helna Murphy, Hajar Meddah, Felix Walker 06 Oct 2021
189 Egypt’s Football Revolution: Emotion, Masculinity, and Uneasy Politics Join us for Booktalk Episode 8, Dr Carl Rommel (University of Helsinki) in conversation about his new book Egypt’s Football Revolution: Emotion, Masculinity, and Uneasy Politics, published by University of Texas Press in July 2021. Carl Rommel, Walter Armbrust 29 Sep 2021
188 War on Bodies Moral Immunity and the Psychopolitics of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Iran Dr Orkideh Behrouzan (SOAS University of London), gives a talk for the Middle East Centre seminar series on 21st May 2021, chaired by Edmund Herzig (Faculty of Oriental Studies). Discussant: Dr Maziyar Ghiabi (University of Exeter). Orkideh Behrouzan, Edmund Herzig, Maziyar Ghiabi 17 Jun 2021
187 Making Film in Egypt Join us as we listen to Dr Chihab El Khachab (King’s College, Cambridge) in conversation about his new book – Making Film in Egypt: How Labor, Technology, and Mediation Shape the Industry. Published by American University in Cairo Press. Chihab El Khachab 18 May 2021
186 Women's Rights on The Altar of a Strategic Stake: The New Population Policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Professor Marie Ladier-Fouladi (CNRS)/ CETOBaC) gives a talk for the MEC Women's Rights Research Seminars. Chaired by Soraya Tremayne (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology). Marie Ladier-Fouladi 18 May 2021
185 Hamid Dabashi in conversation about his new book:The Last Muslim Intellectual: The Life and Legacy of Jalal Al-e Ahmad Hamid Dabashi (Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University in New York), gives a talk for the Middle East Studies Centre. Hamid Dabashi 07 May 2021
184 The Tinderbox documentary film discussion Gillian Mosely (Film Director and Producer) joins Dr Anne Irfan, Professor Eugene Rogan and our Middle East Centre webinar audience to talk about her documentary film, The Tinderbox - Israel and Palestine: time to call time? Gillian Mosely, Anne Irfan, Eugene Rogan 20 Apr 2021
183 Debating the Law, Creating Gender - MEC Women's Rights Research Seminars Professor Irene Schneider (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), gives a talk for the MEC Women's Rights Research Seminars. Chaired by Professor Marilyn Booth (Magdalen College, Oxford) Irene Schneider 19 Apr 2021
182 Booktalk episode 6: Rivals in the Gulf: Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Abdullah Bin Bayyah, and the Qatar-UAE Contest Over the Arab Spring and the Gulf Crisis For our sixth episode of MEC Booktalk, guest author David Warren (Washington University in St Louis) discusses his recent book, Rivals in the Gulf, published by Routledge in January 2021. David Warren, Usaama al-Azami 12 Apr 2021
181 Ashmolean Museum - Middle East Centre: Owning the Past: A troubled century of Anglo-Iraqi relations A webinar that explores the complex history binding Iraq and the U.K. from the First World War through the mandate and creation of the Hashemite monarchy, and Britain’s role in the 2003 invasion of Iraq and its aftermath. Eugene Rogan, Dina Rizk Khoury, Charles Tripp, Myfanwy Lloyd 24 Mar 2021
180 Elahé Omidyar Mir-Djalali Annual Lecture - Iran and the Arab Uprisings: Opportunity Grasped or Squandered? Sponsored in association with Elahé Omidyar Mir-Djalali, Founder and Chair, Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute. With Professor Anoush Ehteshami (Professor of International Relations in the School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University) Anoush Ehteshami 19 Mar 2021